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  1. Hi I really hope someone can answer this as it's a long term problem with IG chart trading. This has happened to me on demo and active accounts. When in a trade the system refuses to let me edit the active trade to change TP, SL or close. This means that you can get stopped out when you would have chosen to manually close the trade before hand. Really annoying and I wonder what IG have to say about it. The last time this happened was on my demo account so not a disaster BUT what is IG's stance if this occurs on a live account? I tried ringing them when the trade was still in profit but a
  2. Orders on dummy spreadbet account via web and iPad are not showing on chart anymore... anyone got any resolution ideas?
  3. I have just had trailing stops activated on my account but cannot find where to set them or know how to? anyone know? sarah
  4. So cross. Spent 2 week’s trying to engage with IG to sort my unresponsive iPad trading platform out. I’ve had Apple check my machine, sky broadband re programme and check router, sent numerous emails to IG with screen grabs and the only promise was we’ll escalate to developers. Nothing in the way of a sollution and now told it’s only me experiencing this so developers won’t look at it. Rubbish service IG totally uni pressed. Not even a checklist sent to me so that I could ensure my iPad settings are as needed to run their app.
  5. IG have now resolved this and it was your issue. I had to log onto my laptop, delete all chart layouts and then my iPad worked. Wish someone had known this when I first raised the query but thanks for replying.
  6. Still very unresponsive... does this mean I’m the only one having problems?
  7. Anyone else having trouble with response times when using the IG app on their ipad pro or iphone? Mine have been very unresponsive particularly early evening 17:00 to 19:00?
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