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  1. Thanks guys... I suppose there might be rules and regulations causing IG to have to purchase the actual stock(s) and the reason a dividend is payed? Or IG is not forced at all, rather they protect themselves by purchasing the actual stock(s) in the event of un-favourable market activity? Or all of the above? Anyhow, questions answered, thanks again.
  2. I suppose the same is the case for a DOW component company bought through IG Markets CFD trading platform, that is, the margin out-layed never actually makes it to the component company hence moving its price. That would make sense seeing as no dividend is given. If anyone can confirm this that would great, thanks!
  3. Not a worry, thanks for the help...
  4. If I buy the DOW index via the IG CFD platform, does the money outlayed for the margin go directly into buying all the 30 component companies that make up the DOW? I would think not? This being the case then the DOW index volume contracts do not contribute to actual component company changes in price. If anyone can help, thanks.
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