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  1. You save it as a template, so left click on file, top left, save as my template or make up a new name and save template as that name. When you exit the program it will ask to save your display. Say yes and whenever you open Pro it should load what you saved. Having said that, I am having issues with our but no one else seems to.
  2. I have created a template for Prorealtime. I set it to load as my display. It has now deleted itself 3 times and replaced itself with an odd display, one that I have never used. I have recreated the template, saved it again and again it deleted itself and replaced it with that same odd display. It is a display with volume as a separate chart on the bottom. I have again recreated my template, saved it. I opened Pro and it displayed the template correctly for an open trade. I then tried to load another chart and it has opened with that odd display again. I have loaded the saved template and agai
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