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  1. IG obviously trying to make BTC/GBP unattractive by only making it possible to close positions, not take out new trades. I understand this is an exceptional market place etc etc but either you're open for business or you're not. Also, I wouldn't mind moving some of my position over to BTC/USD but i) the spreads keep growing on the £ bet and ii) IT'S NOT POSSIBLE TO OPEN A $ POSITION. So at the time of writing I can fully close my GBP bet (with a huge spread compared to when I took it out) but I can't open another one. If the idea was to make me move my bet between currencies you've made it impossible. Such a shame as I was initially just happy that IG offered me the chance to bet on bitcoin movements. Now I'm getting annoyed.
  2. How will the upcoming hard fork be treated for IG spread bet purposes? I know there will probably be some market turmoil and, possibly, demand for the old/new bitcoins will signal an eventual "winner" which will impact pricing, but for those with positions in BTC now what exactly will happen? I understand actual owners of bitcoin will automatically receive new currency.