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  1. HiI am using ProRealtime v.10.3 through IG Index.Last week I was getting a lot of rejected manual trades when price was moving quite fast. (price not available anymore).Every time I received a rejected order, a pop up box said to place a"points through current" order which would reduce the number of rejected trades by basically setting a tolerance number of pips from market price to still open the order in fast moving markets if a price becomes available within the the tolerance number of pips. I am able to activate this setting on the IG Index new platform but is there any way I can get this setting to reflect on PRT when I take a trade?I have asked PRT about this and they say its nothing they can set on the platform, it can only be applied by IG. Many thanks Mike
  2. Hi I have used ProRealTime platform for the last 2 weeks demo trading with no issues at all. But after enabling Pro RealTime in my IG Index account in order to go live, I get this message every time I launch the platform: "LoadLibrary failed with error 126: the specified module could not be found." I have tried reinstalling it numerous times as well as clearing Java cache. Any help would be hugely appreciated Thanks Mike
  3. Hi Is there any way to set a limit order for an option trade ? (ie. a pre-defined level that the order will close at, as soon as it trades to it) Cheers Mike
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