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  1. Btw, that's a really sweet theory you have there!
  2. Hey THT, Thank you so much for the well-thought out response! Really appreciate it - it's nice to see that there are people like you out there still willing to lend the newbies a hand. I'll definitely have a good think about what you said. So far I'm currently on breakeven
  3. Hey everyone, I'm new to trading - a colleague of mine introduced me to FX and babypips, and that's pretty much how I started. I've been winning and losing ever since I started 6 months ago. On my losing days it feels like I don't know a single thing about the market and on my winning days it's almost like as if I know what the market is going to do. Anyway, I've met a couple of traders who shared the same sentiments - that they would much rather spend their time on options or futures as they think that the FX market is heavily manipulated. Just want to see if there's anyone out here actually making a decent living out of day-trading with the FX market? Thanks and have a good one Sincerely looking for hope, steamedchicken
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