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  1. That was a stressful 9 or so hours. Lucky for me Ethereum didn't crash. Lesson learnt! If it ever happened again, would a guaranteed stop loss would cover me if the market is closed? Would it close my position even if the crypto markets were closed? I'd like to know just in case I wanted to hold a position from say Thursday to Monday. I'm not worried about the money in my account, I just don't want to owe any money if the market crashed. From what I have read, it sounds like that can happen if IG doesn't automatically close my position. Is that correct?
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to close a long position and my buys and sells are blanked out. I've been locked out all day and it looks like trading should start after maintenance has finished, which it has . Can someone please confirm?!
  3. Hi Guys. I'm new to the platform. Do the markets close on the weekends? Is this why I have a red X next to everything I want to trade? I would have through crypto can be traded 365 days a year.
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