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  1. Hi Paul, Yes, you had your decimal point in the wrong place - it's 0.57p dividend per share not 57p. I got that info from my trading software. But you can also get it directly from the Lloyds website. Just search for 'Lloyds Bank Investors' and select 'Dividends' from the 'Shareholder Information' drop-down menu. Jonathan
  2. Hi Pete, At 0.57p dividend per share, the total amount received would be 3,000 x 0.0057 = £17.10 (assuming you were holding all 3,000 shares on the day the shares went 'ex-dividend', i.e. 15 April. Hope this is helpful. Jonathan
  3. The answer depends a lot on your personal circumstances, time horizons, whether you're trading for fun / extra cash or to make a living etc. If you're a long-term investor and have confidence in the quality of your holdings, then a bear market (defined as a 20% drop from the highs) is usually a great opportunity to top-up (personally I would do this by drip-feeding into the market slowly as it's impossible to be sure when a bottom has been reached). If you're a trader then market crashes and the associated volatility usually throw up lots of good trading opportunities but easy to get
  4. Hi, it's not possible to automatically convert your ISA holdings. So unfortunately you would simply have to sell them and then repurchase those you want to continue holding in a non-ISA account. When you've paid into more than one shares ISA in the same year, however, HMRC advise that you don't try and fix this yourself. Instead you should first call their helpline for advice - 0300 200 3300. It shouldn't be a major problem as long as you haven't made capital gains beyond the £12,300 annual allowance or received significant dividends. But failure to disclose the error could result in pena
  5. Unfortunately you're unlikely to be able to do this for most major IPOs as a retail investor. If you happen to be a wealthy client of an investment bank, it's just possible they may enable you to participate.
  6. PS, you'll have to sell via IG once the shares are posted to your account.
  7. Actually, I was wrong!! Shares are now in my IG account...so I guess yours are too. Selling for 22p - not a bad 1st day profit
  8. Hi - no, they won't usually show up in your IG Account until a few days after admission, which is next Monday 1 March. PrimaryBid are great for participating in IPOs, placings etc. but not if you're looking for a quick turnaround profit on the day of admission!
  9. Sadly, this cannot be fixed...it's simply HMRC rules that Chinese ADRs traded in New York cannot be held within an ISA - only those companies whose actual shares (rather than Deposit Receipts) have a dual listing. So, you can only hold Alibaba ADRs in a Dealing Account. Hope this helps.
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