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  1. Hello, I have opened a CFD demo account. I would like to know if it is possible if shares can be traded prior to the US markets open. I understand the difference between CFDs and shares, but I realise that IG does not have CFDs (or many of them) for the US stock markets. So, is there a way of trading shares in the demo account. It states that as I have a CFD demo account I can not place say $2000 of shares on LJPC as 'MARKET ONLY TRADEABLE IN STOCKBROKING. This stock is only available for non leveraged trading, please call for more details'. If I opened a live account can shares
  2. Hello, I opened a practice CFD account. I have been looking at a number of CFD stocks, but when it came down to placing a trade it is a share. It is very frustrating in that you are trying to learn about CFD trading and it is not available to trade. I had my eye on NAOV and it was not available. I use Trade Ideas and the stocks listed are not available to trade on the IG CFD platform. IS this because it is a demo account? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks - Hornet
  3. Hello, I have a demo account. I tried to place a pre-market order for ZKIN. It said that an order cannot be placed as it is 'MARKET ONLY TRADEABLE IN STOCKBROKING'. I would like to place trades before the market opens in the US markets. Is this possible? Thanks for any guidance.
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