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  1. So why can I only see, "Day" for my expiry, not "good til cancel"? Would this not mean that we would have to setup the same stop loss daily?
  2. I would also like some assistance with this.
  3. Yes agreed it is not clear, and will need some post analysis to work out what's going on, please hurry with that build i'm seriously considering moving platforms, not before clarifying my past trades and fees.
  4. This example looks like its from an old build, in the version of the platform im looking at I cannot perform this as I cannot set, 'good til cancel' on most of my positions, the only option is "Day" for "expiry" and the only "order type" is "Limit". so not sure how can we setup, stop losses that last more than a day, can we please get some assistance on this?!
  5. Good question, I'd also like more transparency on exchange rates in transactions.
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