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  1. Can anyone shed light on what the volatility index on IG tracks? It doesn't seem to track the classic VIX index, neither those that are a few weeks or months out. I figured it may be an average of say the first and second month VIX futures, but can someone clarify what the underlying is? Thanks!
  2. Hi, are there any index futures that are mini size? Presently the margin required for trading index futures is a lot more than that required for cash indexes. Thanks!
  3. Hi, I've had a perfect trading record save for one fat finger trade that's resulted in a loss. This is making my account look not as good as it should be - i.e. win/loss ratio and return rate. I am thinking of attracting friends and referrals to use IG with my account as basis for their potential success. Is it possible to remove that trade from analytics? Or can I port my account over to a new one without that trade.
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