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  1. An even simpler approach from a real trader - price action only. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=849439
  2. Thanks Jim. Rockypoint ( it's his thread) simplifies matters for the day trader. Read Rockypoints posts to get you up to speed -if interested. Good luck. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=583609
  3. No- I use the price and cloud plus normal s/r. The AO could be disregarded. Read Rockypoints posts only to get up to speed -if interested. Good luck
  4. Here you go Casey. https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=583609
  5. AMP has parent company in USA. See bottom of page: https://www.ampglobal.com/about/amp_global_group.html
  6. Itchimoku still goes well -not every trade wins but enough to keep dry bread and water at bay.
  7. Here you go - AMP brokerage ( USA) has an EU branch: Micro Futures -to get your feet wet 🙂 https://www.ampglobal.com/exchange_traded_futures/margins_requirements.html
  8. You can always try the Futures market- 🙂 Micro Futures) https://www.ampglobal.com/exchange_traded_futures/margins_requirements.html
  9. Casey beat me to it. Dow doesn't oblige with such one way trips from the off everyday. 🙂
  10. $10000? See AMP Futures for example - much lower or else I got it wrong Casey?https://www.ampfutures.com/trading-info/margins/
  11. Thanks easy. If one uses the CME new Micro Contracts -Does the 25K day trade rule apply to trading the FTSE and Dax or Dow ?
  12. What is the smallest size trade I could place on the Dow please? What margin/deposit would one need to trade such small size ? (Could you show a reply/example in actual pounds as opposed to percentage please) Thanks in advance.
  13. You could check out https://www.cmegroup.com/cme-group-futures-exchange/micro-futures.html trading with small account.
  14. A one minute trade of. the Dow.
  15. I have lost the MT4 chart on my MT4 account. How do I download a new MT4 chart to connect to my MT4 account ?
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