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  1. What I look at - the five minute chart for small ranges AND 1 Minute chart for triggering trades. Keeps it simple.
  2. Keeping it simple with break outs and levels and ma. You cannot predict the right hand side but you can use the last to "best guess" the immediate future.
  3. The link below relates to an Ichimoku only trading thread by one "Rockypoint" Worth a read if serious about this style. https://www.forexfactory.com/rockypoint Example:
  4. Simple scalping using Ichimoku: One Minute Charts courtesy of "Rockypoint" https://www.forexfactory.com/rockypoint
  5. A much more simplified way to trade Ichi on a one minute chart:
  6. Scalping - does anyone trade using the one minute time frame? Do you prefer to scalp Indices or forex or other instrument (state please) ? Other comment on scalping techniques or educational sources please. Thanks in advance.
  7. Anyone trading this on a one minute chart ? Comments?
  8. Anyone trade oil on a 5 minute chart? Profitable
  9. This is the Beta containing Rang and Renko bars. https://ctrader.com/forum/announcements/13781
  10. IG has a browser based chart but it does not have "Range Bars" or "Renko bars" facilities. Because I have an IMAC I cannot use other chart packages without workarounds/software which I do NOT want. I suggest ( for IMAC desk top users) that IG consider a package that can be browser based and therefore used on Desk top Macs. ( With "RANGE BAR" and "RENKO BAR" price indicators.) A package similar to the below would be nice: https://spotware.com/ctrader/trading/ctrader-web-trading-platform Range Bars in action: https://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=583609&page=183
  11. Could we have "Renko" and "Range Bar" charts please ?