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  1. Yes sounds like a good addition to line of products but as you said the impact on actual revenue boost remains to be seen. So far, we are doing ok on the trade, price holding around 39. Shall continue to hold long term. Thanks for your interest and regular updates.
  2. Excellent review! Many thanks for your evaluation and yes ofcourse post the trade here.
  3. Hello Fellow traders, What are your thoughts about Allergan PLC share? obvious divergence of MACD and price on a daily chart also price broken out of bearish trendline Looking to enter at current price (or when opens on Monday) and hold until it hits outside trendline SL below recent low Any opinions will be greatly valued Thanks!
  4. Hi Folks, Just wondered what everyone thinks of Shire PLC chart from technical perspective MACD and price divergence is obvious on daily chart Also price has bounced off major support almost three times and it has broken bearish trendline Good to enter? (looking to hold for few months, SL below recent low) Share your thoughts! Any opinions greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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