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  1. Remember when trading CFD/Spreadbetting over 70% (and thats being generous) of clients lose money.
  2. If you log into the web platform and open the platform. Choose My Account (top right) then select 'Data Feeds' on the left hand side. Select which data feed you require and submit. Do note - the fees I believe are taken instantly to cover for the rest of that month and on the 1st of every month, so may not be the best option if near the end of a month. Some data feeds offer a rebate if doing 1 or 2 trades over the month.
  3. If you log into the web platform, select My Account (top right), choose settings of the box that just opened, then preferences, under session inactivity change it to 12 hours if preferred - choose set preferences. This will keep your session active for 12 hours. If your internet disconnects for whatever reason sometimes you have to log back in regardless.
  4. As you do not have an IG Smart account the fee would apply unless you deal 3 or more times in one quarter. The IG Smart account is a managed account and incurs extra fees.
  5. Would be worthwhile updating the manual for L2 dealer it was last updated in August 2014. A lot of features are no longer present and new ones are not explained. https://a.c-dn.net/c/content/dam/publicsites/1439568973395/igcom/uk/files/other/CFD/ig_cfd_l2_dealer_manual.pdf
  6. For normal sharetrading IG does not have Canadian stock exchanges active to trade. Would certainly be of interest if they could change this decision - I have to use other brokers for Canadian stock trading.
  7. Would be very useful to offer a lower commission rate when trading say £250 or less on illiquid stocks, market maker or penny stocks for example. The bid/offer spread can usually be wide and deter those smaller investors/traders and a lower trading fee would certainly be of benefit. This would probably activate even more investors/traders on board for those type of trades. £250 buy trade would require a 4% gain to breakeven (assuming £5 dealing fee each way). £200 would require 5%, £150 would require 6.66% and £100 would require a 10% gain just to breakeven. The % would be higher if on the standard trading fee of £8. If you had a low volume of shares remaining to sell that did not fill in full from a limit order you could potentially take advantage of a newer lower trading rate for that smaller volume. An option for the near future for IG to consider thanks
  8. I agree with yourself the commission from an IG AUS account to trade IG AUS CFD is 0.08% per side (min $7) which would come to $20 each way. Worth trying $10,000 position to see if the commission is $8 or $16? On shares there can be a different commission rate if trading over certain amounts - its possible that $25,000 may be on that limit. Worthwhile phoning IG for an answer would be interested to hear the response. thanks
  9. Its possible you have entered to purchase the wrong quantity (amount of shares) and the quote is stating it only comes to £30 cost (£90 being the minimum IG require). What was the stock you purchasing?
  10. I have had several orders deleted. This happens if during the 15 seconds quote countdown the price has moved outwith the volume/price available - the order would be automatically deleted. Just requote for the next best price or reduce volume trying to trade.
  11. 'IG SIPPs are administered by James Hay, who charge a £195 annual fee and may charge for transferring investments not currently held in a SIPP.' £195 fee every year even if you or they do nothing - I will not be opening an account.
  12. 'IG SIPPs are administered by James Hay, who charge a £195 annual fee and may charge for transferring investments not currently held in a SIPP.' £195 fee every year even if you or they do nothing - I will not be opening an account.
  13. Its possible that when you got a quote to buy you were over the volume available for that price and therefore was quoted a premium price to buy. Reducing the volume to buy would give you the better price in that situation.
  14. A £100 (inc vat fee applies).. https://a.c-dn.net/c/content/dam/publicsites/1529486504148/igcom/uk/files/account/180619_IGM_UK_Crest_transfer.pdf