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  1. It is also possible they have you listed as a 'professional' or 'corporate' user that would attract the higher fees.  Send the screenshot to IG they should amend.  The cost for L2 UK normal retail client is the £7.20 per month (as of 5 Oct 2020 anyhow).

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  2. 4 hours ago, agr100 said:

    Are those still the the datafeed costs for you?

    I opened a account with IG very recently and was told by support, before opening, that L2 for LSE was GBP 7.20 per month. But now that I want to activate it it is asking for GBP 207.07. You can see below. And IG has not been able to tell me what is going on.



    Can I ask which country you are in.  I notice all L1 & L2 rates have been multiplied by different amounts as if it is quoting amounts in your local currency as a possible reason.  Try logging out/back in and even selecting L2 UK to say what the total monthly fee box says - do not submit to accept.  If still no answer forward on a screenshot to IG.  I am viewing the default screen showing £7.20 cost for L2 LSE UK.  

  3. 2 minutes ago, Caseynotes said:

    Thanks, I don't use this but is it the case that if there is no increase in cost between Level 1 and Level 2 it means that there is no L2?

    There is L2 - you will need to ask IG why they charge the same for L1 and L2 on some exchanges

  4. 31 minutes ago, Jwilsh said:

    I am having the same issue with a demo account. Is it necesary to have a live account in order to activate the different data feeds?

    yes - as they have to take the payment from your account with a balance in it

  5. You will see the message exchange check if you attempt to do 2x buys or 2x sells of the same stock within 30 seconds of each other.  30 second gap is needed to allow the exchange to move their position.  Worthwhile logging out/in or refresh your log in page if you are still getting the error message.   Make sure the stock your attempting to trade is actually open as that can cause an exchange check error message as well.

  6. Synairgen is a market maker stock and uses the SETSqx trading system.  There is no order book.   Any limit order would only execute if a matched limit order was uncrossed and executed at auction uncrossing times.   These are 0800, 0900, 1100, 1400 and 1635.  Even though you wanted to sell @ 175p and if the sell price was say 200p+ it would still not automatically execute if using limit orders - only if your trade was uncrossed (not crossed out) at auction uncrossing time would it execute.   


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  7. If you log into the web platform and open the platform.  Choose My Account (top right) then select 'Data Feeds' on the left hand side.  Select which data feed you require and submit.  Do note - the fees I believe are taken instantly to cover for the rest of that month and on the 1st of every month, so may not be the best option if near the end of a month.  Some data feeds offer a rebate if doing 1 or 2 trades over the month.  

  8. If you log into the web platform, select My Account (top right), choose settings of the box that just opened, then preferences, under session inactivity change it to 12 hours if preferred - choose set preferences.

    This will keep your session active for 12 hours.  If your internet disconnects for whatever reason sometimes you have to log back in regardless.  

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  9. Would be very useful to offer a lower commission rate when trading say £250 or less on illiquid stocks, market maker or penny stocks for example.  The bid/offer spread can usually be wide and deter those smaller investors/traders and a lower trading fee would certainly be of benefit.  This would probably activate even more investors/traders on board for those type of trades.  

    £250 buy trade would require a 4% gain to breakeven (assuming £5 dealing fee each way).   £200 would require 5%, £150 would require  6.66% and £100 would require a 10% gain just to breakeven.   The % would be higher if on the standard trading fee of £8.      

    If you had a low volume of shares remaining to sell that did not fill in full from a limit order you could potentially take advantage of a newer lower trading rate for that smaller volume.

    An option for the near future for IG to consider



  10. I agree with yourself the commission from an IG AUS account to trade IG AUS CFD is 0.08% per side (min $7) which would come to $20 each way.  Worth trying $10,000 position to see if the commission is $8 or $16? 

    On shares there can be a different commission rate if trading over certain amounts - its possible that $25,000 may be on that limit.  Worthwhile phoning IG for an answer would be interested to hear the response.


  11. 3 hours ago, Ziggzigg said:

    I was looking to use IG platform for a SIPP.  Naively, I thought this would work like the "Interactive Investor" platform where there is a seperate (and all but anonymous) administartor in the background and I would be using the normal IG platform to buy and sell shares as I pleased. Just spoke to James Hay and they say that I cannot invest in shares direct myself - this can only be done using one of their fund managers. Therefore, I suspect that IG just get a referral and the relationship ends there. That is not attractive to me. IG need to take this in-house like Hargreaves Lansdown and Interactive Investor and then they would get much more business

    PS James Hay's Glassdoor reviews and the other intenet reviews I have read on them since are pretty dire so I am probably well to steer clear.


    'IG SIPPs are administered by James Hay, who charge a £195 annual fee and may charge for transferring investments not currently held in a SIPP.'   £195 fee every year even if you or they do nothing - I will not be opening an account.   

  12. Quote


    'IG SIPPs are administered by James Hay, who charge a £195 annual fee and may charge for transferring investments not currently held in a SIPP.'   £195 fee every year even if you or they do nothing - I will not be opening an account.   

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