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  1. Is it possible to apply fill or kill orders with SEAQ and SETSqx stocks. I do not see any way of doing so on your web platform or L2 dealer. thanks
  2. I would like to be able to trade on stocks at 0800 and seconds later to get in on volatile stocks. However upon opening up a deal ticket on your web platform prior to 0800 - the 'at quote' option is not present and would not appear on this ticket if left open for 0800. Only If I refresh the page at 0800 then find and open up a deal ticket would the 'at quote' appear - however by now I have lost maybe 15 seconds of potential better pricing. Is there anyway to be able to have deal tickets ready to receive at quote from exactly 0800:01 instead of this annoying delay which today again cost myself hundreds in lost gains due to this small delay.
  3. Within L2 dealer you can select various columns to view including 'Last' - which should display the last traded price. However on SETSqx and SEAQ stocks it displays the share price or the midprice. I only notice these stocks moving if the bid or offer price move losing the opportunity to react quicker if I had seen the last traded price(s) and the following trading movements. I have made your technical team aware of this issue since May 2017 - but continually get no fix. This should be a simple fix for anyone technically minded but don't have much hope as we are soon approaching 2018.