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    If you log into the web platform and open the platform.  Choose My Account (top right) then select 'Data Feeds' on the left hand side.  Select which data feed you require and submit.  Do note - the fees I believe are taken instantly to cover for the rest of that month and on the 1st of every month, so may not be the best option if near the end of a month.  Some data feeds offer a rebate if doing 1 or 2 trades over the month.  
  2. knicol46's post in Share certificate transfer was marked as the answer   
    A £100 (inc vat fee applies).. https://a.c-dn.net/c/content/dam/publicsites/1529486504148/igcom/uk/files/account/180619_IGM_UK_Crest_transfer.pdf
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