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  1. Hello, I am very disappointed about the level of customer service support offered by IG. I have been calling their customer support line for several days now, holding on the phone for at least one hour! Still not been able to get through to anyone. Does anyone else have the same experience?
  2. Hello, would someone be able to tell me how to withdraw my funds from my IG trading account? I have closed a position and now would like my money returned. Kind Regards, S
  3. Hello, I want to move my stop loss up but can't do it. When I enter the new stop loss quantity I want, it is not saved and reverts back to the original stop loss that I set when I first placed the trade a couple of months ago. Can anyone help? Thanks, Sachismo
  4. I am new to spread betting and recently made a couple of trades. I don't understand however how my margin payment amount has been calculated? I know it is a percentage but a percentage of what exactly. A percentage of the share price and what? Would really appreciate any help. Regards S
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