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  1. This stock is already listed on IG, however this is a request it is made available for "All Sessions" investing. The company, Microstrategy, is widely acknowledged as a "Bitcoin proxy" allowing investors exposure to the Bitcoin price and is a popular stock trading over US $5 million volume yesterday. - Name of stock: Microstrategy Name of Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Leverage or Share dealing: Share dealing Ticker: MSTR Country of the stock: US Market Cap: $17 Billion
  2. Hello, I have an ISA account and thinking of opening a SIPP. In the ISA, when buying UK shares, if placing 3+ trades in previous month the cost is £3 per trade. Just wondering if this fee structure covers the SIPP too or whether its is separate. i.e. If placing 3+ trades in previous month in the ISA, would the trading fee for the SIPP be £3 or £8 (assuming no trades have been made in the SIPP)? Thanks!
  3. FCA rules to ban crypto products are dumb. I used to have a Bitcoin ETN in my SIPP which was affected by the ban, meaning I could no longer buy the product anymore, only sell it. I sold it recently with a heavy heart knowing under the current rules I could not buy it again. With the proceeds I bought a range of Bitcoin mining stocks like Argo Blockchain, Hut8 and Mara which act as a leveraged play on Bitcoin price (like all commodity miners do versus the underlying commodity). These miners carry greater operational risk than holding Bitcoin itself and the share price is much more volatile too. So instead of protecting me, all the FCA has done is forced me to take greater risk elsewhere.
  4. Name of stock: Global X Blockchain ETF Name of Stock Exchange: Nasdaq Leverage or Share dealing: Share dealing Ticker: BKCH Country of the stock: USA Market Cap: $56 million AUM Thanks for your consideration.
  5. As per the title I would like to close a demo account but cannot view how to do this. I applied for a spreadbetting account and a demo spreadbetting account is now displaying in my dashboard. I no longer require the spreadbetting account (which is pending until the "Demonstrate Your Knowledge" test is completed) and would really like to have it removed from the dashboard. Is this possible?
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