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  1. Save yourself some stress and get some help! https://app.hedgeye.com/
  2. Just a bear market bounce , a big one at that , the volume has been really low past few days just a continual drift higher with low volatility.., see short side resumption into next week after the rollover, if your short as I am just ride out the pain until then..
  3. Purely Markets I see lows of 2008 levels , once earnings reality starts to kick in over the next few quarters, thats where the real opportunities will be , no rush to chase any lows yet, just keeping adding to the shorts, the profits will fund some great opportunities of the great companies that will make it through to better times.
  4. If you sell a Put your potential loss is infinite ( or whatever you have in your account) , maybe best to buy a put in the current volatilty or cover it with a straddle -https://www.investopedia.com/terms/b/bear-straddle.asp
  5. Sure there are professional traders out there mostly trading other peoples money, which in itself is very different to the retail guy..
  6. I`ve been trading FX on IG for over 10 years, never made a penny, don't get me wrong had good days weeks months and even profitable years, but over the period always lost and trust me i have tried everything. The good news alongside this period I have invested in primarily US stocks and built a good quality high dividend yielding portfolio which has performed exceptionally well. I have learnt a lot during this period so the money lost with IG in my opinion has not been wasted, it gives you great exposure to Financial Markets as a whole and you learn what not to do.... The Key Points I have learnt during this time is 90% of people out there talking about chart patterns trading courses and the like are full of **** who like all of us are correct some of the time but in the long run not profitable and are looking to make money from selling courses to trade and hopefully not lose it this time ha, or they are the talking suits on TV punting there own agenda TRADING OTHER PEOPLES MONEY!. In my humble opinion once you get away from looking for short term price movements and take a long term investment view can you start making money.
  7. Best bet is not to use hard stops.
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