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  1. There is atill no facility to submit online and I have no means to print and sign so I cannot trade through IG which seems really narrow sighted a business model.
  2. Check your settings? Maybe one has Bid price and the other Ask. That's all I could think of.
  3. What is WuFlu? Is this another illness? All your Lancet references relate to Sars Covid19 so I think you might be getting a bit confused.
  4. There is no online WBen form. They have emailed me saying they require a wet ink signed form an electronic one will not do. All other platforms I've seen have an online form so I guess this is a major barrier to access to trading through IG then.
  5. I submitted by email my WBen form on 2nd Jan and still it has not been processed so I haven't been able to trade. I am annoyed about this. Also why is there no customer chat facility for help? The only way I can complain about this us here in a forum! This is not good at all. IG was recommended to me as a place to go from Freetrade where I am but so far my experience is vastly poorer than Freetrade which is cheaper and has much better customer service. Can someone from IG tell me when my form will be processed or reply to my email please?
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