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  1. 3 days this week and was also last week.
  2. Do you believe everything you read. That note says you cannot log in but everything is ok. Really???
  3. The system is not down. Its been taken down at request of the large organisations. I would love to see someone tell me formally this is not true and i will show why it is. Keep digging fellow users and you will see how we are being screwed by companies we trust and put our money into.
  4. I am aware some users are logged in and fine. Hence knowing accounts being marked.
  5. Screwed my log in again and the service provider (IG INDEX) don't care as they are serving the large organisations. Missed my trades again because of this. This is all illegal and i hope action is taken but for me its time to take my money out of here and move on to ethical platforms. About 15 of my colleagues are going to leave IG now too, it was ok that they had Algos etc running against us but this takes it to new limits. P.S all of our accounts are marked and get preferential treatment accordingly. FYI.
  6. IG index down again and screwed me over, i hope people take action and all these scammers are held accountable.
  7. Yeah me too, everytime it gets busy IG screw some of us off as i know my colleagues are all ok so its only some accounts that get screwed is the way it looks.
  8. I am having issues where i cannot log on, this is the 3rd time in 2 weeks and has impacted my trades. Anyone else having these probs as no one from IG is getting back to me nor solving any issues. Pls advise
  9. Hi I i am unable to log in this evening, is anyone else having any issues RE logging in? Thanks
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