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  1. Hi, I'm a reasonably ewwxperienced MT4 user but new to IG When I try to open a trade in MT4 it pops up a requote window and won't open the trade. I'm guessing there is a setting wrong somewhere within MT4?? Can anyone help? Many thanks
  2. Hi, I tried to place a long trade today on an ASX listed stock and got the following error message and no position was opened: "CLOSING DEALS ONLY. You can only place an order to close on this market." The order was placed well before the close of trading hours on the ASX. ANyone know why the order was not accepted? Thanks
  3. Hi again, I'm in Aus - I can not see on the IG website where they list their trading hours for BTC. Could some kind soul please inform me - for both MT4 and web platform please. Thanks a lot
  4. Hi, I'm new to IG and just set up an account. I've installed MT4 but I can't see BTC as one of the entities that can be traded. There is a short list of FX and commodities as the only instruments. How do I access other entities to trade, specifically crypto's? Many thanks
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