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  1. I have now tested different ways to sell on the demo account and I couldn't find a way to do it. It always seems to sell the oldest position first. In the the end the best way to "fix" the issue was to simply open a second CFD account for my short term trading.
  2. Hi I use PRT and will be buying and closing positions using alerts with an associated triggers. Sometimes I will buy multiple positions for different purposes and I was wondering how to make sure the "right" position closes when I associate a sell order with the alert? Let's say I already have 1000 shares of a stock that I intend to keep for at least another few months. While I have this position open I decide to buy another 500 shares of the same stock that I only intend to keep for a few days. I can see in my portfolio that the positions are separated from each other so so far ever
  3. Hi, I am using PRT. Let's say I am in a long term trade in JPmorgan with 50 CFD shares. This is a trade I want to keep for months to years. Now lets say I also want to swing trade that stock and I want to use the alert function with an associated trigger so it buys 100 CFD-shares at the next open. A few days later I want to sell those 100 stocks bought for the purpose of swing trading in the same way I bought them, that is to say through the alert function. Now to my questions: 1. How do I make sure that the swingtrading shares that I bought are not in anyway "mixed" with the lo
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