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  1. If there were no interference from any broker I'm sure those that bought in at 400 would have made a hefty profit by now.
  2. That's great. If IG don't go back on their announcement today I think we should follow the same steps for IG.
  3. Would love to hear from IG on this. If it's a clearing house issue why not restrict BOTH BUYING AND SELLING, wait for the clearing house to catch up, tap credit whatever needs to be done. But only allowing selling??? come on. A lot of people are going to lose money because of actions like this.
  4. Yet they allow you to SELL and close out your positions. What will that do to the overall market price of AMC and GME? Well obviously if we can only sell the the price will go down down, allowing these greedy hedge funds to exit their short positions without taking too much of a hit. You have 2 choices, 1. Sell your shares back to the hedges, just like they want, or 2. Hold and watch them wet the bed, eventually having to buy at the price WE SET and us little guys make some money. Also, leave IG they don't deserve your business after this blatant act of market manipulation.
  5. Now IG is restricting purchasing of GME and AMC, only allowing you to close positions. IG, I hope you get done for market manipulation.
  6. For example Affirm's IPO Is in the next few days and would like exposure to it asap.
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