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  1. Wow. That is why. i wonder why they havent announced it on their website. Weird isnt it? something fishy.
  2. whats weird is that no news about this on their website at all. the latest news is that you cannot trade crypto after the 16th. but no delisting of ripple and force closing all open positions . then why they have diff dates of forced closing ripple positions, weird? we are a client here in middle east and why we are affected by SEC which is in US? Etoro USA delisted it but not on their world wide clients. If IG will forced closed all my positions, it will blow my account and this time, it is not my fault.
  3. Hi, i have been following blockchain backer on youtube and wants to ask if you have any other youtube sites you can recommend for a newbie like me? Thank you,
  4. guys any update on ripple delisting on IG on the 17th of Jan? I called the customer service and they said they will force close all open ripple position on the 17th regardless if you are retail or professional trader. Please answer
  5. I saw a post here earlier asking the same question so i called the UK customer service and they confirmed that they will delist Ripple on both professional and retail accounts on the17th of Jan 2021. They will force closed all open positions. Has anyone heard abt this? Last time i saw from CharlotteIG is not allowing retails to trade crypto after the 16th of Jan. Please enlighten us and im screenshotting this if ever IG delete this on the forum. Thank you,
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