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  1. FWIW the V3 call works. So I don't know whether I was using V2 incorrectly, or it's just not supported. For reference here's a working example: restApi.getPricesV3(authenticationContext.getConversationContext(), "1", "4", "200", "IX.D.FTSE.CFD.IP", "2021-01-19", "2021-01-21", "DAY");
  2. I can connect via the rest API and successfully execute various calls such as restApi.getWatchlistsV1(authenticationContext.getConversationContext()); which return successfully (so I know that i have successfully authenticated). However the following fails with 400 Bad Request: restApi.getPricesByDateRangeV2(authenticationContext.getConversationContext(), "2021-01-21", "IX.D.FTSE.CFD.IP", "DAY", "2021-01-19"); ...note these parameters do return data if I check using the API Companion, so any suggestions appreciated. Many thanks.
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