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  1. Diegol, sorrry to ask probably the obvious, but does it mean you were not able to trade for 12 days?
  2. Has anyone transferred the ISA account from another broker to IG? IG says it takes 14 days, but I am wondering if I will not be able to trade all this period or it will be only a day or two when the accounts are actually moved. Thanks.
  3. If they don't want you to trade certain shares they'd close the market for those but not shut down the entire account. I think I'll look for some alternative platform.
  4. It's been a third day in a row that starting 2.30 pm platform is down for about an hour. I can not log in. Does anyone have this issue?
  5. Kodiak, There it is. Thanks. Big deal, thanks for your advice.
  6. Thanks. I do not see it on my dashboard. Are you using demo or live?
  7. Hi BigDeal, I've explored the chart but have not seen any options to deal forwards. Could you please, if possible, be more specific. I can attach a screenshot if it is helpful. Thanks.
  8. Hi, I am new to IG. Using Demo. I want to place quarterly spread bets on shares- which I understand are also called a forwards - to avoid overnight charges. But I can not find how to do it in the Demo platform. Is this feature included in Demo and, if yes, how I can find it as I only see the regular spread betting prices. Thanks.
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