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  1. well they can't buy at all now... at least before they had a choice.
  2. Prime example of what happens when these companies like IG and RH decide to take the power away from the retail investor. If IG lacks the Liquidity to service their clients then what is the use of having a broker that cannot do what we are here to do?
  3. Home | Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) You can also make direct complaints here.
  4. Wow Phil you need to chill with the insults and inappropriate abuse, personally I appreciate you putting in your opinion and knowledge and I think that needs to be done so thank you but next time do it in a more civil manner .... However you missed the target. Most of us simply like the stock and want to support the future of Game stop.
  5. Where can I buy $GME? Status Here is a great way to see who sold out and who still has integrity, IG it isn't to late to change your stance. I personally just like the stock. Physical games will never die.
  6. Disappointing... I was willing to put up with the platform crashes.
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