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  1. Great, thanks for sharing the template and link! We really need to take this to FCA to stop the market manipulation by these platforms.
  2. Received an email from IG that they restrict buying these stocks. Why is it not allowed (other than it hurts big boys)? Market is volatile but still you're allowed to trade other stocks and even close out if you own these stocks but just can't buy them. Is it even legal to restrict retail traders arbitrarily?
  3. Thanks, I'll have checkout CMC Markets and sign up. With IG's constant problems, it's certainly going to be safe to have another platform.
  4. Guys, I mainly do spread betting on IG. Any alternative platforms you'd recommend for spread betting?
  5. You'd think that they would have prepared well after the Wednesday's mess. Alas, it's happening every day for 3 days in a row, and we get a boiler-plate response. Seriously?
  6. It's not merely "inconvenience" - losing lots of money because can't close deals!!
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