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  1. WillA

    Platform bug

    @WarrenMunger we have not been able to replicate this issue in our test environment or work out why this is happening based on current info. Please send me a screenshot by direct message of your entire platform when P&L is incorrect so we can see balances at the top also: https://community.ig.com/messenger/compose/ Will
  2. Hi @madhatter78 how frequently is your EA making requests? Also is this for demo or live? Please write a direct message to me with the login ID: https://community.ig.com/messenger/compose/ Thanks, Will
  3. WillA

    Platform bug

    Hi @WarrenMunger sorry for the delay on this. I have escalated this to be investigated, the reference is INC0255607. I'll email you once I have an update or require any more info from you. Thanks, Will
  4. Hi all - I just wanted to update you on a great new feature which has been implemented on the back of client feedback! For all ProOrder automated trading users of ProRealTime, you can now have an email automatically sent whenever your trading strategy is: Stopped (for any reason) Due to expire in x days This is obviously a great new addition to the PRT offering helping you keep in control of your automated strategies whilst they're running but you're not at your computer. We'd love to know what you think about this - so please feel free to drop us a message in the comments section below. To set this feature up launch ProRealTime and head to Options > Trading options > Automated trading > Email notification: For those who don't know about Pro Real Time please feel free to check out the following link which gives an overview of this advanced charting package which you can use to trade on your IG account. As above, please feel free to continue to share feedback either below, or in the following forum area.
  5. Hi All, this was caused by a change Apple made which messed with the scrolling on charts. We identified the issue and submitted the fix to Apple who have approved and you should now see v8.2.13 update on your App Store for IG Trading to resolve this. Cheers, Will
  6. WillA

    Pre Market data

    Hi @DSchenk this is not possible in PRT unfortunately. Cheers, Will
  7. WillA

    Platform bug

    Hi @WarrenMunger is this still an issue you are seeing with your positions? Also is the total always wrong or only during certain times e.g. pre-market? Cheers, Will
  8. Hi @Ransom Assuming you are on iOS this is an issue with scrolling our Developers are currently investigating. I don't have a timeline on a fix yet however will update this post when it's solved. Cheers, Will
  9. Hi @Tom98765, Are the charts slow on 4G as well as WiFi? Also does this happen all of the time on all charts you've tried or intermittently? Thanks, Will
  10. Hi @Jack Gardiner My HLOC data is different for AMEX on 18th July, does yours still look as in your screenshots? It could be that it was showing incorrect data at the time as in your screenshot and has since corrected. Cheers, Will
  11. Hi All, The current timelines is to get this solved by the end of Monday 23rd July (next week). Many apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime. Cheers, Will
  12. Hello All, It is actually now possible to partially close due to a recent update: https://prt.md.it-finance.com/IGIndex/features_complete_10_3/features_complete_10_3_prt_en_GB.phtml?#S-103-2 Give it a go on demo and see what you think. Cheers, Will
  13. WillA

    L2 Login

    Hi @trdodd I understand you have since contacted us directly and my colleague has fixed this for you. Let me know if this is not the case. Will
  14. Hi @onlythebrave85 @Vishal You must have Force open set to Disabled in Options to be able to net off in opposite direction: It will still force open if you attach a stop/limit when trying to close by going in the opposite direction, as it assumes you want this as a new position given a stop/limit has been set. PRT does not have the functionality to partially close a trade without needing to trade in opposite direction (like our web platform does). If you understand this and still think it is not working, please send details of the trades to helpdesk.uk@ig.com so we can have a closer look at these trades on your accounts. Thanks, Will
  15. Hi @OSCARDAX, the feature @GraHal mentioned should be coming to IG PRT in the near future however I'm unsure exactly when. Whilst it will be good when it does, even email is not 100% reliable and that's why there is a level of responsibility on the client to frequently check the state of their ProOrder strategies. As you said this is real money, so it's in your interest to do this. If you are away you can phone up at any time and check whether any ProOrder trades have been rejected. Cheers, Will