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  1. @ehisdeman This is simply not a feature we have in the IG version of PRT, it is only available in version direct from PRT I believe. @Exhale_Trading is right, best to use IG platform for phone and email notifications. Cheers, Will
  2. @Tudor2 I've edited the price at this time and this should be reflected on DFB chart within 24 hours. Unfortunately there were issues during this period with the figures being put on the chart in that most were incorrect hence the odd pricing you see. As others mentioned you would not have been executed on these prices. There is work ongoing to correct all of it as we do have the correct prices however they didn't get posted to the chart for technical reasons. Cheers, Will
  3. @mancunian do you have this lag with PRT v10.3? Bugs present only in v10.1 are not typically supported and fixed unless also present in v10.3, the latest version. Will
  4. @tajak2012 I wasn't able to find this video either, are you sending it from your IG registered email address or another one?
  5. @Caseynotes Good spot, I have raised this to be removed our side. Only seems to be affecting Spread Bet MT4. Thanks! Will
  6. Hi @Vonasi this is a demo issue that PRT Developers are still looking into. I've asked them for an update on when this might be and will let you know. Sorry for the time this has taken to solve, demo is a lower priority however I understand it is useful for testing. Cheers, Will
  7. @Dexter Your issue sounds like charts are being slow, is this old or new platform? If you are running lots of charts on a slower PC or internet this could be the cause. @sp1123 Firefox: Menu icon in top right > Add-ons > Plugins > Set Shockwave Flash to Always Activate.
  8. @tajak2012 apologies that this thread has veered off course with a different issue. For your web platform freezing issue it would be very interesting to see this issue live if you are happy to grant someone from my team remote access to your PC. Do you think you'd be able to replicate it and are happy to do a remote session? If yes please email helpdesk.uk@ig.com quoting this forum post and that Will has requested you setup a remote session. If it's over the next week it won't be me doing it as I am out of office however my team can help. The alternative to this is you providing a screen recording of the issue so we can understand it better, please also send this to helpdesk.uk@ig.com. @RWw your issue is different to the one this post is about so please send clear screenshots and info of the date/time of these chart discrepancies in MT4 to helpdesk.uk@ig.com and we'll be glad to take a look. If you need help taking screenshots on different devices please let us know and we'll try and help. Cheers, Will
  9. @tajak2012 @RWw Sorry to hear you are having issues, is the freezing random or is it triggered by certain actions? Also what amount of RAM and Processor do you have? You can screenshot the info shown under About your PC option in Windows menu. Cheers, Will
  10. Copied from a similar thread about same issue: Our Pricing Team are still investigating this as the initial solution tried did not work unfortunately. I hope to have an update this week, sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. Will
  11. Our Pricing Team are still investigating this as the initial solution tried did not work unfortunately. I hope to have an update this week, sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime. Will
  12. @brickz @Trevbeats thanks both we are aware of this issue and investigating under the reference INC0256609. I am unsure when it will be resolved however hope it is soon. It is an IG issue affecting demo only, prices jumps are incorrect. Cheers, Will
  13. @WarrenMunger I have asked our Shares Desk to fix the incorrect ask price, thanks for letting me know. Yes I tested this myself and P&L total was correct. It will help if you can send me a message showing your entire platform and balances when total is incorrect.
  14. @1kp1 I believe you are on an old app version. Current one is 8.2.13, please check if you are on this via More > Help & Support > Support. Cheers, Will
  15. @WarrenMunger we have not been able to replicate this issue in our test environment or work out why this is happening based on current info. Please send me a screenshot by direct message of your entire platform when P&L is incorrect so we can see balances at the top also: https://community.ig.com/messenger/compose/ Will
  16. Hi @madhatter78 how frequently is your EA making requests? Also is this for demo or live? Please write a direct message to me with the login ID: https://community.ig.com/messenger/compose/ Thanks, Will
  17. Hi @WarrenMunger sorry for the delay on this. I have escalated this to be investigated, the reference is INC0255607. I'll email you once I have an update or require any more info from you. Thanks, Will
  18. Hi all - I just wanted to update you on a great new feature which has been implemented on the back of client feedback! For all ProOrder automated trading users of ProRealTime, you can now have an email automatically sent whenever your trading strategy is: Stopped (for any reason) Due to expire in x days This is obviously a great new addition to the PRT offering helping you keep in control of your automated strategies whilst they're running but you're not at your computer. We'd love to know what you think about this - so please feel free to drop us a message in the comments section below. To set this feature up launch ProRealTime and head to Options > Trading options > Automated trading > Email notification: For those who don't know about Pro Real Time please feel free to check out the following link which gives an overview of this advanced charting package which you can use to trade on your IG account. As above, please feel free to continue to share feedback either below, or in the following forum area.
  19. Hi All, this was caused by a change Apple made which messed with the scrolling on charts. We identified the issue and submitted the fix to Apple who have approved and you should now see v8.2.13 update on your App Store for IG Trading to resolve this. Cheers, Will
  20. Hi @DSchenk this is not possible in PRT unfortunately. Cheers, Will
  21. Hi @WarrenMunger is this still an issue you are seeing with your positions? Also is the total always wrong or only during certain times e.g. pre-market? Cheers, Will
  22. Hi @Ransom Assuming you are on iOS this is an issue with scrolling our Developers are currently investigating. I don't have a timeline on a fix yet however will update this post when it's solved. Cheers, Will
  23. Hi @Tom98765, Are the charts slow on 4G as well as WiFi? Also does this happen all of the time on all charts you've tried or intermittently? Thanks, Will
  24. Hi @Jack Gardiner My HLOC data is different for AMEX on 18th July, does yours still look as in your screenshots? It could be that it was showing incorrect data at the time as in your screenshot and has since corrected. Cheers, Will
  25. Hi All, The current timelines is to get this solved by the end of Monday 23rd July (next week). Many apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime. Cheers, Will
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