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  1. @Tudor2 I've edited the price at this time and this should be reflected on DFB chart within 24 hours.

    Unfortunately there were issues during this period with the figures being put on the chart in that most were incorrect hence the odd pricing you see.

    As others mentioned you would not have been executed on these prices.

    There is work ongoing to correct all of it as we do have the correct prices however they didn't get posted to the chart for technical reasons.



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  2. @tajak2012 apologies that this thread has veered off course with a different issue. For your web platform freezing issue it would be very interesting to see this issue live if you are happy to grant someone from my team remote access to your PC.

    Do you think you'd be able to replicate it and are happy to do a remote session? If yes please email helpdesk.uk@ig.com quoting this forum post and that Will has requested you setup a remote session. If it's over the next week it won't be me doing it as I am out of office however my team can help.

    The alternative to this is you providing a screen recording of the issue so we can understand it better, please also send this to helpdesk.uk@ig.com.

    @RWw your issue is different to the one this post is about so please send clear screenshots and info of the date/time of these chart discrepancies in MT4 to helpdesk.uk@ig.com and we'll be glad to take a look. If you need help taking screenshots on different devices please let us know and we'll try and help.



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