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  1. Hello All, It is actually now possible to partially close due to a recent update: https://prt.md.it-finance.com/IGIndex/features_complete_10_3/features_complete_10_3_prt_en_GB.phtml?#S-103-2 Give it a go on demo and see what you think. Cheers, Will
  2. Hi @trdodd I understand you have since contacted us directly and my colleague has fixed this for you. Let me know if this is not the case. Will
  3. Hi @onlythebrave85 @Vishal You must have Force open set to Disabled in Options to be able to net off in opposite direction: It will still force open if you attach a stop/limit when trying to close by going in the opposite direction, as it assumes you want this as a new position given a stop/limit has been set. PRT does not have the functionality to partially close a trade without needing to trade in opposite direction (like our web platform does). If you understand this and still think it is not working, please send details of the trades to helpdesk.uk@ig.com so we can have a closer look at these trades on your accounts. Thanks, Will
  4. Hi @OSCARDAX, the feature @GraHal mentioned should be coming to IG PRT in the near future however I'm unsure exactly when. Whilst it will be good when it does, even email is not 100% reliable and that's why there is a level of responsibility on the client to frequently check the state of their ProOrder strategies. As you said this is real money, so it's in your interest to do this. If you are away you can phone up at any time and check whether any ProOrder trades have been rejected. Cheers, Will
  5. Hi @mancunian, I did check this with the rest of my team and we got no other reports. It will be interesting to see if anyone else on here experienced similarly, and what PRT version they are using. Cheers, Will
  6. Hi @GraHal you can either do as @Caseynotes suggested or have the Notifications window constantly open as this will simply put each new notification at top of this feed and chart with deal buttons will be pushed to the left, unobscured: Also don't forget that if you are waiting for a specific price point to enter a trade, you can always just use the 'orders' button rather than trying to deal off a price alert. I hope this helps, and I will ask @JamesIG to include this in the monthly feedback report. Will
  7. I've enabled it for you also and I'll look into getting this escalated to find out why this is happening. Cheers, Will
  8. thanks for this. I'll be emailing you directly as I believe a few of these are solvable and want clarification on others before passing on to PRT. Will
  9. This is now fixed for 10.1. However if you saved your settings after the issue happened your settings likely need manually restoring by PRT. Please confirm if now working for you both or not. Will
  10. We have escalated this issue to PRT and they are currently working on a fix, which is all we can do at the moment. I cannot give a date/time of when it will be fixed as it isn't in my hands and I don't yet know the cause of the issue. I would think it will be fixed today. Currently around 5 clients on 10.1 have this issue, that I know of. Unfortunately your preference being to use 10.1 and not the recommended 10.3 does not make this a top priority issue as you can still trade and use PRT in version 10.3. Typically bugs are not fixed in 10.1 if they are not present in 10.3 as it is not supported in this way by PRT. This is how every software vendor in the world works - eventually older versions are not supported in full or at all. IG/PRT are not trying to make it awkward, it is simply how our support works. 10.1 will stop being available in the coming months so if you both have specific feedback about why you don't want to use 10.3 please send a technical report from PRT with your feedback. (Help > Technical support). PRT are happy to consider any issues you have with the settings in 10.3. Cheers, Will
  11. Hi , Thanks for calling in, I've emailed you your reference number with the case I've raised to PRT directly. Cheers, Will
  12. Hi Abdul, Unfortunately our 2FA solution is different to most other providers in that you don't get asked for your 6 digit code on a second screen. Instead you have to put it on the end of your password e.g.: If your password is 'Password9' and the 6 digit code is '123456' you would enter 'Password9123456' into password box. Sorry that this was not obvious, we are hoping to improve this! Cheers, Will
  13. Hi , this is because of an Apple App Store policy change meaning we are unable to offer our app in your country. We are working on a browser based mobile app which will allow you to trade on mobile, which should be released in coming months. In the meantime you would need to use an Android device or if you launch our new platform via Safari (or most browsers) on iPad this should work. Keep in mind it is meant to be used on desktop though so isn't optimised for mobile. Cheers, Will
  14. Hi I tried to replicate this issue on an Australian account on our test Android device however the latest daily candle always appeared straight away, alongside the other candles. Are you using mobile data or WiFi when this issue happens? Also please share a screenshot showing how your chart looks before and after the latest candle has loaded. What phone and version of Android are you using? Any other info would be helpful. Cheers, Will
  15. Hi you would need to call or email us to deactivate it and then download the Authentication app on new phone and reactivate 2FA. Cheers, Will
  16. All Australian accounts are in the same timezone with IG, this is simply to do with how the accounts are setup unfortunately. Again we would recommend ProRealTime in this case. Thanks, Will
  17. You should be able to do all of your trading and analysis through ProRealTime, if you choose to use it. If we didn't offer ProRealTime we would likely already have custom time zones on our web platform, however as PRT does this very well and adding this feature would be a big project it is unlikely we will add this in the near future. Cheers, Will
  18. Hi you can download additional data to be used in the History Center by clicking 'Download' in bottom left of the window. However this would be data directly from MetaQuotes, the company that created MT4, and not IG data. Make sure you read the disclaimer that comes up when clicking 'Download'. Cheers, Will
  19. Hi are you definitely using the expand/collapse all button at top? Also make sure your Chrome is up to date: three dots in top right > Help > About Google Chrome. As James said it may be specific to your device in some way if still having the issue. Please try clearing cache in Chrome as well. Will
  20. Hi , the time of the platform is linked to your account itself and is not changeable unfortunately. E.g. I login to an IG Australia account here in London at 14:30 my time (BST or GMT+1) and the time on the charts is 23:30 (GMT+10). Is this what you are all seeing? There are no plans to add timezone configuration to our web platform and one of the main reasons is that ProRealTime, the advanced charting package we offer, already has great time zone and trading hours settings. Hence we usually recommend clients looking for these features try PRT. It does cost 40 AUD a month however this is rebated if you trade 4+ times a month, read more here: https://www.ig.com/au/prorealtime Give me a shout with any questions. Will
  21. Hi I think what is happening here is that it only remembers what you have set if all positions are either expanded or collapsed, it doesn't remember when there is a mix of expanded and collapsed. Does that explain what is happening on your platform? I tested this in Google Chrome. I'll pass on this feedback to our Developers as it would be good for it to remember individual expand/collapse settings. Cheers, Will
  22. Hi , we identified the issue and relevant internal teams are working to ensure it doesn't happen again. We are on watch tomorrow in case it does so we can resolve ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience! Thanks, Will
  23. Hi & , there was an issue on PRT's side on Sunday that caused certain markets to temporarily disappear. They resolved the issue their side so let me know if you are still experiencing any issues. Cheers, Will
  24. I've just realised the issue is you looking at ETCUSD as opposed to ETCUSD.s As you are a Singapore client the instrument names with .s on the end are the ones you must use. Add the correct one using plus symbol in top right of Quotes tab. Cheers!
  25. Hi I've tried to replicate what you are seeing on the new platform however have had no luck - it remembers that I am on dark theme and tear off charts are also dark (in Chrome). Are there any particular steps you are taking to replicate? Please try leaving the platform for a few seconds after any change you make and not close or refresh straight away, which will give it enough time to remember all settings. Cheers, Will
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