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  1. Hi if you have L1 or L2 data activated for any exchange this will not allow concurrent logins, however if you don't then you should be able to. Thanks, Will
  2. Hi I can see from our logs that you have not logged into MT4 on iPhone today or yesterday, hence likely why trade option is not appearing. To login: Settings > New Account > Login to an existing account > Pick IG-LIVE server > Login with your MT4 details. If this does not solve it please give us a call so we can confirm the correct login details with you: +65 6390 5118 Cheers, Will
  3. Hi we did have an issue over the weekend affecting concurrent logins however I now have confirmation it has been resolved. Please let me know whether you are still having the issue or not so I can investigate if needed. Thanks, Will
  4. Hi , we are aware of these visual bugs in certain versions of Safari only. I have raised this issue internally however don't have a timescale on a fix or whether the issue is our end or with Safari. I recommend using another browser if you find it inconveniences your trading too much. Thanks for reporting it! Will
  5. Hi I am seeing the same on my PRT test account and hence have escalated this to be investigated as a priority. I'll update this post once I have more news, apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime! Will
  6. Hi unfortunately whilst this issue appears to be quite simple to solve, the work it would take to make this change is a fairly large project involving a few teams. Hence it is in the back log for our L2 Team and may get addressed in future however nothing is set in stone. Apologies for the inconvenience in the meantime. Cheers, Will
  7. Hi there is no way to exactly mirror the behaviour of PRT or classic platform, however you can click the instrument names in your watchlist and it will open the chart for it. If you already have the chart open in your workspace, clicking the instrument name for it will bring the relevant chart to the front, which I think works pretty well. To have different time frames on same chart, check out split view in top left of charts: Does this help? If not how would you ideally like it to work as I'd be glad to pass it on as feedback for the new platform. Will
  8. Hi if you are still having issues please send in a technical report in PRT via Help > Technical support > Code. Briefly describe the issue in the message box so we can replicate. Ensure you authorize access to your code so we can send to PRT to investigate why this is happening. Cheers
  9. Hi if you change the time frame and number of units at the top of the chart with the backtest on it will give you more data e.g. 10000 daily units on Wall Street goes back to 1976 when I tested this. If that doesn't solve it for you please send in a technical report via ProRealTime so we can look into this and flag for my attention: Help > Technical support > Automatic Trading. Ensure you allow authorization to view your code as this will be needed to recreate your issue.as well as steps to replicate, then send the report. Thanks!
  10. Hi I have activated PRT on your demo account, there was just a slight discrepancy on our systems which I've corrected. Cheers
  11. Hi we do offer ProRealTime which allows full configuration of time zones and trading hours, read more about it here: https://www.ig.com/uk/trading-platform-prorealtime Here's an example of the time options screen in PRT: As said we aren't able to offer this in MT4 so you might find PRT a good alternative. I hope this helps.
  12. Hi this was caused by the fact that we migrated to a new system for P&L history in September and unfortunately the data from the old system could not be transferred across. We can send you a tax statement for FY 16/17 as this may contain the info you are looking for. Let me know if you'd like me to send this. Alternatively check out your previous statements via My IG > Live Accounts > Statements. This change will not be reversed so our apologies for any inconvenience it is causing you. Cheers, Will
  13. Hi we believe this is an issue with the ISP Optus in the Melbourne area as all of the customers who have reported this have these in common. Can you confirm if anyone you know is having the same issue that isn't on Optus or in the Melbourne area? I have asked our AUS office to see if they can contact Optus directly however they may not be able to as we aren't actually a customer of theirs. In the past with Telstra these issues have resolved themselves without us changing anything, so it may be the same case here. I'll keep you updated regarding this, please let me know if the issues resolves itself. Will
  14. Hi Steve, are you accessing this from our contact page, the old platform or somewhere else? Also, what browser are you using and have you tried any others? I am using Chrome and cannot replicate the error you're getting.
  15. Hi I tried launching my demo PRT with FTSE and DAX charts open then comparing it with our live prices on the new platform. For me they were correct, is this issue still happening for you? If it is we can obviously have it investigated further as it could be an issue with your platform that we can troubleshoot. Will
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