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  1. I spoke to IG today. 1) they are removing approximately 1100 trading options from their leveraged offering. 2) anyone that that has an open position in any of these offerings must by next Friday 26th February either provide 100% margin for these positions or have them forcibly closed. 3) For those who decide to maintain the positions by providing 100% margin you will have an additional 30 days from Friday 26th February to close the positions before they are forcibly closed. 4) After this date the 1100 offerings will be completely delisted from IG markets. 5) This appli
  2. IG Markets Please Explain! Yesterday I found I was unable to purchase leveraged shares of AVZ despite historically being able to and having current open positions on the same stock. I have been advised by someone on Hot Copper that AVZ and 1100 other stocks have been removed from your CFD offering. I have also been informed on Hot Cooper that I have until next Friday 26/02/21 to close my position or provide 100% of the margin requirement otherwise the position will be closed. Any open positions 30 days after this will be closed with these shares being delisted complete
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