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  1. I found the answer to my question, thanks.
  2. Hi, I wanna sell some shares from my trading account and transfer the funds to my ISA account. How can I do that? I don't see the available funds to select from the ISA account, only payment options card, bank etc. Thanks
  3. Why don't you guys just have a Reddit channel and forget about this 'Community' blog? It's really difficult to get someone to answer questions and looks outdated in my view.
  4. Hi, i've maxed out my ISA this tax year so waiting for April to open a new one. If I have shares in my IG trading account, can I transfer them directly to an IG ISA account or would I need to liquidate and re-buy on the ISA account? Thanks
  5. @TerryBagger I did mine online and it was authorised straight away. If you go to MyIG and click on Settings, you'll find the W-8 Ben form.
  6. Hi, new to IG. The information on Commission for US stocks is somewhat misleading. I placed 3 trades for US stocks and was charged £10 a pop for each trade. I was hoping that this would be refunded somehow but I guess that money is gone. Can someone explain what "Trade US Shares for zero Commission" actually means please? Many thanks
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