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  1.  Hey email the direct link to their page which contains the RNS report. Hope that helps!
  2.   Hey - I agree. This is a place where IG could really have some very useful info coming in direct. I use "investegate" - subscribe for the shares you're watching, select what you want to be alerted about and it comes straight into your inbox at 7am before markets open (or whenever the company files the RNS) first hand. It's by far, hands down, the best I've seen. (& it's free )
  3.  I'm not sure my pot is larger than yours, its more that I am foolish enough to trade in illiquid stocks where the tier kicks in pretty much immediately :smileyhappy:
  4. , Thanks - yes, that's to find what the tiers are, but not the margin on the individual trade to be opened on the deal ticket.
  5. Housebuilders and construction have had a fantastic 12 months, beating all sectors. Highlights are new FTSE 100 entrants and 250 risers, special dividends, cash surpluses, margins 20%+, high forecasted dividend returns and a chronic over-demand-under-supplied market. With many books already pre-sold and 2016 order books filling up very quickly, how much upside do you think there still is in the industry given the forward certainty and fundementals?
  6. They won't increase rates for ages ! There will be a shock to the system, numbers won't be as strong as they think etc. Not until the whole (western) world has inflated itself out of most of its debt. (Everything up) vs. (oil down) = 0% inflation, keep rates down. Inflated world, oil jumps up, rates rise and the world has paid off all its debt. Those without assets think they're out of debt and better off, those with inflatable assets will be rubbing their hands together in their champagne bathtub - everyone is happy.
  7. Can IG please tell me what the tiered margin would be when I open a trade? I can see it when I'm not in the tiers, but when I go over the first tier, all I see is "subject to tiered margining".
  8. They need to allow ISA funds to be used as collateral. I know they may not want it to be seen as using savings for spread betting/CFDs, but its all exactly the same thing. A stock portfolio isn't tax wrapped, an ISA is. There isn't any difference in risk.
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