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  1. I click on the channel to change its colour and the little windows pops up.. Top left corner says channel. I click on the colour and it doesnt recognize my click, I can't click on anything on that edit windows. I realised that the the that the windows is invisble for the platform because when I click around in that pop up windows, the chart in the background moves around. I cant even click on cancil or ok , because the buttons don't work... I have to click ESC on my keyboard so the windows close. Why is that? Help me please .
  2. just like on trading view this has been suggested before in 2017( i saw a post haha ) but it is not implemented yet ....
  3. Hello IG community. I cannot seem to find a long or short positioning tool ? Is there one? and if not why ?
  4. I own shares in a stock that’s highly volatile and it’s currently around 90-100 and I’d like to sell it when it hits 200 but I can’t put that in? why is every other broker able to do that but I have problems with that?
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