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  1. Hi, I'm trying to get some information about what people think overall about IG's ISA service and how does it fare compared other platforms on criteria such as costs, user experience etc.. If you have any feedback or insights you can share based on your experience, it will be great. Thanks, Can
  2. @McgThis is I think one of the most useful POVs I had read about the subject. Much appreciated!
  3. Hi, Im new into trading so I'm wondering tax implications for different types of trades. I had a look at the guides/help docs but I wanted to double-check with the community and confirm below: -Spread bet: On IG it says this is tax-free. This is great but anyone know why spread bets are listed as tax-free? is it due to risk of losing a higher amount? -CFD: This is taxed. -Share dealing: This is also taxed unless protected by an ISA? It will be great if someone can share knowledge/experience and confirm if above rings true. Thanks!
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