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  1. Anyone know if other platforms are doing the same ?
  2. OK well that's very disappointing. I'm from Australia so I will have to find a another broker. Anyone have any recommendations ??
  3. Hey gang, Could you tell me why theses 2 Cannabis stocks are not available on the Share Trading platform. APHA ( Aphria) & ACB (Aurora) both listed on the NYSE now. They are available on the CFD. Is it possible to make them available to buy in the share platform? Regards HT
  4. Thanks David, I'm from Australia. Appreciate your feedback HT
  5. Hey. Thanks for trying to help me out. I'm From Australia and we can only use the Australian IG Site unfortunately. Apprec your Help Hunj
  6. Hey gang. Just asking if it's possible to allow me to short EUFN - (iShares MSCI Eu Financials ETF). and EWQ - (iShares MSCI France ETF). if not is there another vehicle I can use to short either of these. As always Thanks for your help. H
  7. Hey gang. Just asking if it's possible to allow me to short JNK - (SPDR Barclays Hight Yield Bond ETF). I can Short HYG - (iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corp Bond ETF) As always Thanks for your help. H
  8. Hey gang. Hope you're all well. Any chance of adding this stock to the CFD platform? Waitr Holdings Inc / NASDAQ: WTRH Regards' H
  9. sorry Construction partners Inc
  10. Hey guys, Any chance of adding this stock to the platform (ROAD). Apprec as always H
  11. Hey James. I'm raising this again. Appreciate the help H
  12. Hey Gang, Any chance of adding New Age Beverages (NBEV) to the CFD platform. It is available on the Share Platform. Regards H
  13. the system seems exceptionally slow and some of my watch lists are missing data. Regards H
  14. Hey gang, Any chance to add CAMBRIA TRINITY ETF (TRTY) to the cfd platform. Thanks in advance H
  15. Hey gang, Hope you are all well. A question .... If I have a position in my CFD 1 portfolio can I transfer it to my CFD 2 portfolio. Thanks in advance H