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  1. Hi,

    I am on retail spread betting. It wont accept my GME BUY orders. I even switched "fill order" setting to a "market order", which according description should execute no matter what,even at the "wrong" price.  What I get is an error popup, saying something went wrong, suggesting to call a helpline. It's been 15 minutes I am on the phone waiting for IG to pick the phone and talk to me.

    Are you pulling Robinhood on us?

  2. Hi Charlotte,

    you may misunderstood my question or maybe I misunderstood your answer :)

    I am not asking why margin rate is 100%
    . What I am asking is that when I buy at that rate, there is essentially no leverage, whole my position is covered by cash, right?  So in theory my equity should be able to go down to zero without a single margin call, that's because everything is covered already and IG is not exposed.

    Yet I received margin call emails and had to topup my account, hence my question.


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