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  1. Even if it's a matter of risk for IG, there are clearly other brokers who are big enough players to tolerate it, or are willing to take the risk to get some new traders on board. I like the interface here but there's plenty with less restrictions and lower fees. And the bottom line is, they're going to let me day-trade volatile stocks, whereas this one clearly isn't.
  2. It's a concern beyond what's happened with these stocks. The next time a stock blows up, am I going to be punished for getting in on the ground floor? The truth is, if I call up and there's a certain amount sat in my account, you'll buy them for me anyway. Nice company.
  3. They published an article on this a couple of hours ago, well done.
  4. I'd also like recommendations on a new broker that respects its investors and doesn't pull shenanigans on them.
  5. It is absolutely disgraceful that this company has sent me an email saying it will not allow new GME and AMC positions from Monday. I had been telling people this was a great service and to get on it. I will now tell them the opposite as I open a new account elsewhere. After I've sold, I won't be back.
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