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  1. Which is why its completely understandable to stop all margin trading, If they have restricted it to cash and the brokers are taking 100% from clients account. Unless there is a liquidity issue somewhere in the chain, I can't see where the issue would be? After every trade you have to wait 2-3days to get the cash regardless because of this. Maybe the pre existing options/margin trades have far exceeded liquidity and they're trying regain some of that liquidity through stopping the opening of any new positions, Which intentional or not has a direct impact on the market. Maybe they have ove
  2. Again, Totally understand that and agree, However everything that could do damage to the broker is margin accounts. Cash accounts are no risk at all to the broker, This is where the issue is.
  3. Clearly you have no idea about anything, Retail trading and investment has seen a HUGE increase since the start of the pandemic. As have most internet based services obviously. IG and every other broker have had months to improve their back end and improve capacity. Its not a question of that. The issue here is broader, It's quiet obvious that under extremely volatile conditions they're going to restrict margins etc. It's common practice. The problem here is that they're restricting CASH ACCOUNTS, Not only are they restricting cash accounts but they're allowing you to close positions and not b
  4. Totally agree with this, I understand them closing margins as they are under obligation to hold the liquid to pay those out. However there is no reason for them to close cash/share accounts and limit trading. It is the clients money and the client will invest in whatever they want, they are there to execute the trade as directed nothing more. What makes this worse is the client pays them for the privilege. This is absolutely disgusting behaviour from one of the UK's biggest retail platform. Hopefully they realise the mistake and take the restrictions for cash accounts off before the bell on mo
  5. Hello everyone, For some reason I am unable to enable NYSE live data feeds on my account. The option is there but greyed out so I am unable to select, I can enable all data feeds apart from NYSE and AMEX. Does anybody know why this is happening/ had similar issue? Thanks, John
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