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  1. Strangely I only got mine just a minute ago. Utterly no different at all to the original Blog post about it. There is no "update" at all. There is no new information at all. It is merely the same **** but supposedly posted by someone with a C in their job title. Still no TRUTHFUL information regarding the ban on buying, but we can still sell? Does that make any sense to anyone, if indeed this is all about "not putting too much load on the PentiumII-286 server with 32Mb RAM we are running our servers on". Does BUYING somehow put additional strain on your poor, overworked, underpa
  2. Ah yes, they are protecting us all from ourselves. How kind and benevolent of them! I knew there had to be a good reason! ....except of course for the millions of other times when they are happy to sit by and watch traders lose money every other single day on every other single market, because it is the traders own money that they can risk or use to invest with entirely as the trader themselves see fit. Risk warnings are absolutely acceptable and should be encouraged. Giving no choice in the matter by enacting server side hard walls to utterly prevent people from accepting those
  3. I would presume ASIC https://www.asic.gov.au/about-asic/contact-us/how-to-complain/where-asic-can-help/shares-and-market-misconduct-insider-trading-etc/
  4. What does manually move them over mean? Sell here and rebuy at the new broker?
  5. Absolutely **** that you can pull this. We can only sell and can no longer buy the stocks that almost everyone is currently looking to buy and hold? Are you serious? "You are all free to trade in everything! And by that, we mean you are free to trade in exactly only what we decide you can. Which changes from day to day and on a whim, depending how we are feeling at any particular time" And also noted is the utter silence from anyone at IG since this appalling announcement was made, in any thread in the forum or post here. Really professional guys, super good look for you. C
  6. I wonder whether this person hasn't hit the nail on the head, or at least is heading in the right direction, regarding all this unprecedented trading restrictions on GME (and AMC to a lesser extent). https://www.reddit.com/r/wallstreetbets/comments/l97ykd/the_real_reason_wall_street_is_terrified_of_the/ Worth a read for sure. Personally, to me at least, it does seem to be a much bigger world wide reaction involving so many brokers and firms than I would have thought to have been deemed necessary if it was _just_ about paying out let say 3x or 5x for pricing (especially as was the cas
  7. We thought we lived in a capitalist society but this past week proved that's not true. This week has shone a bright light on exactly how rigged and broken the whole market system is. That's the lie they feed us to keep us subservient. "Anyone can make it! All mum and pop investors can make it, if they invest wisely!" Rich people: "Why don't you just invest your money to make more money, like we do?" Everyone else: "OK we will do just that! Thanks for the tip!" Rich people: "Wait... no, not like that! We won't allow it! <commence disgraceful dodgy back room d
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