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  1. I've sent an email to the FCA reporting these actions. I urge everyone here to do the same.
  2. Also, after calling, I was told it was also not possible to go over the 20% limit. Nice I'll be changing brokers after all this.
  3. Except that you charge 40 pounds per order over the phone. Any way to restrict these limitations in such a high volatile market? I'm sure your members might consider staying after these events if that were the case. I know I am leaving once my positions are closed if this is the norm.
  4. I agree. This needs to be done ASAP. I called over the phone and they said it was not possible to lift this restriction, which is making me quite worried to be using the platform really.
  5. Disgusting behavior, considering the fees I thought this place was serious. I'm a recent client and will obviously no longer be back. That plus the fact that I can't put orders at over 20% trade price, without having to call and pay 40 pounds per order... Nothing serious about this broker. I hope IG.com considers to revert their decision here, and most importantly do not halt selling. I'm calling first thing tomorrow to place my very expensive orders over the phone. Unless anyone else knows a different approach I can take here?
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