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  1. Alot of short positions are due to be called in come today (Feb 1); hence why IG stopped allowing opening positions on GME but forcing long margins to meet 100% funds by 4pm UK, effectively forcing many longs to cover hence giving their boss a breather.
  2. IG is doing a margin call on long positions; ok I get that cuz its too volatile; but to do all this by 4pm Feb 1 GMT? At the same time new open position is limited, therefore, retail traders cant buy the shares long-cover-players dispensed out from other retail/semi-retail-pros. I am having a difficult time finding out where these long-covers' shares will go to. Yes, we now know who you work for; taking my money across the road to HL
  3. dont have as much as you but 100k will be gone; IG stock is already tanking, have a look on the charts
  4. Also of interesting note: after I signed up to this forum and posted my neutral and discussion only thread, my account got locked and I had to manually change my password. That seemed like a veiled threat =D
  5. Look at IG Group's share price; shorting of IG stock has already begun; now the question is, when IG decided to notify retail traders over the weekend their inability to open GME, did any institutions/hedgies bet short on IG to make extra liquidity from retail holders of IG? if I was IG shareholder I'd sue; Let That Sink In!
  6. already did, some other brokers have reopened GME trading; will be transferring assets over
  7. Dear all, and moderators, IG emailed me informing GME, among other things, new share dealing on #GME can no longer be allowed come Monday. Was this because GME was removed by 1. US SEC? or 2. UK FCA? or 3. by GME (Gamestop Corp) itself? US SEC has not responded, UK FCA said broker can refuse to offer trading facilities but did not say if such refusal can be unilateral meaning can't open but can close. - if I can close positions then who is opening them so I can close? GME's customer support phone line had automatic music and voice informing to hold, so no help there 🤥
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