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    Still mystified at the dragnet appeal of Ocado at these levels, there’s obviously huge work for little profit at huge relentless expense. On every level it’s crazy?
  2. I am confused as to how since it’s huge fall to 196p virtually all the market are buying? It’s near 160p now yet the SENTIMENT has remained resolute. Can’t help feeling sceptical?
  3. I’m looking at the Wall Street Market Sentiment and it says 75% are short on this market and it’s been high for a while as on all indices so everyone is losing money on a graph the ST says is still going up, FTSE and others are even higher against the market, sceptical so does yours say the same?
  4. This is in respect of Wall Street but other indices show the same or more?
  5. I am always confused as to the market sentiment indicator, does yours also show 76% of open positions are bearish or short on the market too? It’s a one way chart and been bearish with the ST continually suggesting upward movement but such huge short positions mean a great deal of losses are out there which surprises me?
  6. Do better than the analysts close your eyes and pick one you point at
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