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  1. Hello, I live in UK, made deposit in GBP, however I almost only trade in USD. With every transaction I pay 0.5% fee for currency conversions. Can I swap all my balance to USD and have it in USD and dont pay 0.5% for each and every transaction I make?
  2. i was actually charged £10 per US and £8 per UK, as per fees table here: https://www.ig.com/uk/investments/share-dealing/costs-fees However i made 3+ on both markets, so the fees should not be taken? or will be returned to my account somewhem later?
  3. Hi, I opened one position, then opened another in same direction to scale up my position It is usuful to have them separate at some curcuimstances but it is also useful to have them compbined if i want to. Can i merge positions in same direction? How Can I split positions to manage parts of it? How Regards,
  4. Hi, I bought several ETF, some from London, some from NYSE IG says it charges no commision if number of trades more than 3. I was charged $13 for every US ETF, and £10 for every London ETF. Can someone explain me why and how does it works then Regards
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