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  1. Hey guys, I was hoping to open an ISA this year with ig.com and use the benefit of purchasing ARK ETFs here but i heard a lot of information about how it's the funds are not EU or UK compliant, and that they are not usually allowed to be traded in the UK, and therefore in ISA even less. Can anyone confirm this?
  2. Does it continue over the next month? Let's say I always make 3 trades a months, will it always be fee free for me? Also, does this apply in case I trade 29th of Jan, and then it's fee free February, or I need to wait at least til 28 of Feb? Thanks in advance
  3. I believe i just done my 3 trades, and the fee is not showing up... As far as I can see, but one question... can i keep making 3 trades every month, and be basically without fees?
  4. Go to share dealing, and just press the buy button.
  5. Hey guys, started using IG as of last week, and places a few orders on some ETFs, I see on every order there is a 10 GBP comission. But I believe this will go away next month if I make more than 3 trades a month, is that correct to assume? Should i just place 3 trades, wait a month and go with more money in? Or that fee is constant? Cheers
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